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Slet bubeníků 2017



For the sixteenth time the Republic will cruise a unique touring concert – Festival Gathering of Drummers. Only once a year to meet a bunch of drummers, to enthusiastic audiences of all ages and faiths. Besides drums, drums, percussion, voices and sounds to this year's report also received an unusual musical percussion instrument: Cymbal.

The assembly 2017

  • Pavel Fajt
  • Miloš Vacík
  • Pavel Koudelka
  • Tomáš Reindl
  • Ondřej Anděra
  • Petr Gaglas


Rhythms without boundaries in a thousand ways. Gathering of Drummers is unique welcome event, which currently does not have a form of world competition (Review Report magazine)


In the Czech Republic as well as in Europe, there are a number of festivals of various genres focus. Gathering of Drummers in the European context is so different from conventional festivals, that is unprecedented. This is underscored by visitors to our festival, and professional community, and especially the participating musicians themselves. its concept, dramaturgy and concepts Gathering of Drummers, whose home port became Praha, irreplaceable musical map of Europe.


Each year a different group, every year to create new compositions – This is the main idea yearly Gathering of Drummers. Only one artist repeats every year, a to Pavel Fajt, which is one of the founders of the festival Gathering of Drummers, and who is the artistic director and supervisor of the project. Fajt is known for his musical insight and overlap, is not anchored in any musical genre. To cooperate invites his fellow drummers from home, selection is always such, that includes several musical genres and artistic styles, and so on stage allows meeting, which would otherwise neodbyla. They are standing next to each other and working together representatives of very different musical genres, as an alternative, rock, ethno, world music, ambient music, classical music. Leading artistic personality Pavla Fajta his musical vision cements the perception of music by other musicians in a composite unit.

Production is secured and Gathering of Drummers, that all participants have secured residency, which lasts ten days. During this period, there is the musical material for the new year. Tracks from the past are never repeated, Every year there is a new work, new musical composition rhythmic. After ten days workshop, testing and preparation of artistic composition is presented to the public.


The Dark Side of the Groove is the subtitle of this year's Gathering of Drummers, Musicians who wish to pay tribute to the first musicians, who started using groove, and thus started a new chapter in music, that created new musical styles, such as techno, drum´n´base, hiphop, rap, chill-out music. Drummers are referring to the roots, When Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon used a sequencer. Drummers in their rhythmic compositions intend to incorporate samples from pioneer times, develop the electronics, drums and cymbals, as ethnic percussion instrument. Below the rhythms and bubble will paraphrase early music style groove


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