Petr Gablas


Peter came to music as an active musician in 5 years due to play the accordion. A year later he began to learn the cimbalom u p. Louis Daniel. He graduated from the cimbalom at the Brno Conservatory with p. Dalibora Štrunce. After graduating, he studied also music director at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Now pursues an active player and teaches at the music school and conservatory in Brno. Petr since 2005 He is also the function of leading current art CM Harafica, which ensures and is responsible for dramaturgy and music repertoire. Besides Harafica CM acts as a player in various projects across genres (cooperation with the Municipal Theater in Brno, Joy theater, State Opera Leipzig, Diversa Opera, Solids VUS Livers and BROLN). He worked with many soloists (eg. Vlastou Redlem, Nada Urbánková, Dalibor Barta and Jiri Prochazka), with whom he participated in the release of CD.

Birthdate: 13. 02. 1987
Nickname: Gabo
Residence: Traplice
Profession: poor student
tool length: How do I know
Favorite food: almost everything
favorite drink: now only almost soft
Favorite season: it do not care
favorite sports: few of them finds, Now is the first hockey
Orientation: cool
Motto: I feel good