Pavel KoudelkaPavel Koudelka – Koudyš

..činelisty career started during high school in Bruntálská young brass band in 1980. At the same time drummer for the rock band Reflex, which were drawn from his peers. With the arrival in the city, a period of higher bands Zebra and Jiri Armiger. Soon after, in 1984 Peter put together with your and became a founding member of the hill and then Ošklid, which were very well-known band called. Brno independent scene. After the disintegration of the group continued with Peter in your project A beat-, which were taken over by hundreds of golden hits bigbeatových 60. to 80. years in his own distinctive arrangements. They played all over the country. In parallel with this project played in a punk band last number of former members of the hill in a rock band ugly girl. In 1994 joined the Group Danube. There already uses a very raw sound strongly reduced sets, composed of a large drum, snare, hihat and cymbal strange křaplavého. Overall, this kit is using its efficient and very aggressive game gets to the very essence of rhythm without unnecessary transitions and rozdrobenin. While listening to the listener finds, that there are no missing him more drums, everything is already included in music! Danube gaining very sharp sound, going out to the bone. Danube successful concerts in Europe and in the Czech Republic. Also filming with Paul Fajt and Iva Bittová dunajovskou board you have to Release, where are the songs from the first album Danube plus a few new songs. During this period also gives together with Prague's Charles drought in the band Krutnava, in which she sang tragically deceased singer Paul Kapitánová. Together they recorded one CD. After the collapse of the Danube becomes a founding member of the band with the former guitarist BOO Danube Pepa Ostřanský and at the same time a pleasure to enjoy a pleasant party of John Bonham drums in the band Led Zeppelin revival.

This year Pavel Koudelka finished his fifteen years of work in the band of Dead.