Paul-FajtPavel Fajt

Percussion, percussion, electronics, loopy
Musician, drummer, composer, music producer, educator. Concerts at prestigious festivals and venues in Europe and overseas / Victoriaville Canada, Mimi Marseille (F), Alternative Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory New York (USA), Music Unlimited Wels (A), Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F) and other.

Current projects:

DrumTrek - solo project, Drums, electronics, loopy, projections, Vote
Mia Zabelka Trio - Zabelka, Species, Frish (A/CZ/D)
Václav Koubek - Ave (Koubek, Ponocný, Hazel, Species)
Inside Drum Communication – drum duo (Species, Neuwerth)
Trio Fred Frith, Beth Custer, Pavel Fajt and other international projects.
Concert connection with the group's Neurobeat (Ondřej Anděra, Miles)
The Gathering of Drummers – international project leader drummer

Founder groups:

Bittová & Species, Vienna, Pluto, Josef Boys (D), Species & Meneses, Stepanida Borisov
(Barrow), Autopilote, Ladakh, Species & Meneses (CZ/USA), The Fogel Europas (CZ/A), Geert
Waegeman(B), Anna Homler (USA), Václav Koubek,
Teammate world renowned musicians. / Fred Frith (GB) at the premiere of Step
Across the Border, Tom Cora (USA)

The creator of theater music

Hamlet – part II (The fireman, Species, Heavenly)
Incomplete Sen and Nod Quijote starring David Prachař. Nominace cenu in Alfred
Radok 2010 of the DBU.
Macbeth – Wilma Theater Philadelphie 2010, /USA /
MÁJ – 420People, David Prachar, Ondřej Anděra, John kacer. Dance performances for NS
Not. Theaters, 2012
The creator of film music:
Dušan Tránčik-Mikola a Mikolko,
Dusan Hanak-Paper Heads,
znělky festivalu United Islands Praha, MOFFOM, atd /.
Associate writer Vaclav Cecil
CD Respekt …Constellation Santini (2009),
CD Anarcheus ke Knize archeus (2010)

Current CD

CD Autopilote – IDO (EMI 2008)
CD Pavel Fajt - Drum Trek, Indies,
CD Pavel Fajt & Václav Cílek – Constellation Santini (Respect 2009)
CD Pavel Fajt – Anarcheus in Prince Wenceslas Cecil - ARCHEUS (Dokořán 2010)
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2008
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2010
Mia Zabelka Trio CD – Wired tales & Elegant motions (Monotype records 2012 – Zabelka /
Species / Fresh)

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