Oona KastnerOona Kastner

Vocal, plan

Rhythms and sounds between archaic and avant-garde

a duo far beyond any specification of genre

Oona (singer, pianist) and Pavel Fajt (drummer, percussionist & electronic soundcreator) meet the music-imaginations of gurdjieff and transform his ‘Hymnes,Prayers and Rituals’ out of the collection ‘Music for the Piano’ to a synthesis of rhythms and sounds between achaic and avant-garde: a beautiful intermixture of trance, punk, poesie and expressivity.

His whole life G.I.Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was searching for ‘the everlasting knowledge’. On his expeditions to Asia, Easteurope and Africa he collected and explored the principles of the sacral arts, the specific ritual-, dance- and music-forms.

Together with Thomas de Hartmann he built a collection for the piano in a mystical mood (Music For The Piano / Vol. 1-4).

Oona & Fajt work with a certain selection of Gurdjieff’s music and mix it up with improvisations and poems (et al. ee.cummings, Rilke, Jiminez ). they flush it with new light, the music waves ageless and modern. in this nowhere-land between classic, modern, jazz, improvisation andavant-garde Oona & Fajt stir easteuropean, armenian-oriental & eastasian atmospheres .


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