Liron MeyuhasLiron Meyuhas -World music & Percussion

This is me : Rhythm, groove, beat,oriental  melodies and spirit.
Eversince I discovered the music, I have used it as the key  for understanding and expressing my own emotions.
As a percussion artist,  singer and song writer I have been  involved in various musical projects from all over the world. Almost every place I have been to in my journeys – North  and west africa, the mediterrenean and the middle east- is represnted in  my music.

Nowdays I am  preferming my solo act – La Gitana-  containing original material and tributes for musicians who inspired me along the way-From  traditional rhythms to cutting edge modern day sounds, a unique world wide and across time  journey.

This Solo performance is an exciting way to get to know exotic types of instruments including a “Hang drum”(pantam), conga – traditional  cuban drums, Riq- an arabic frame drum, a guitar  and an  electrical sampling  machine.
 The length of  the performance is 50 min,texts sung in Hebrew ,English,Portuguese and Italian.
Personal stories concerning the different instruments and songs are shared through out the performance,allowing the audience to take part in a journey not only through the music.

My Bio – make a long story short .

Collaborations and performances abroad –

2014 performance with Perfusion Ensamble, Tel Aviv cinematheque

2014 metamorphoses : Leon Schidlowsky with Carmina ensamble, Tel aviv academy of music

2013 an israeli tour with the italian jazz singer Titta Nesti

2013 Concert at the International hang fesvital Milan. Italy

2013 International at the Women in Jazz Festival Rome Italy
2013 Winning the Best Musician Award of the Cultural Israeli Ministry

2011 A solo performance at the ” Baobab festival” , Malmo , Sweden . Theatre Dell Sale in Florence , Italy .
2011 Composition for the Dance /Theatre ” Cantiere Ikrea ” Fringe Theatre Festival La Strada ” ” – Poland
2011 Concert at the amphitheater with the jazz quartet ” Titta Nesti ” – Florence, Italy .
2011 Concert with ethnic /jazz ensemble ” Jerusalem peace ensemble” conducted by Amit Arieli International Festival ” Adriatico Mediterano ” Ancona , Italy .
2011 Concert with the afro-jazz band ” Malibra Trio ” African Music Festival ” Au ” Desert ” – Florence, Italy
2010 Concert with the African Music band ” Fuentes ” in the ” Flog ” auditorium Florence, Italy