alex_berhatskyAlex Bershadsky stands out among accomplished musicians. He rises far beyond the “bass-ics.” Alex Bershadsky was born in Latvia and raised in Israel. He is an experienced musician, seasoned composer as well as an educator. He has spent years as an understudy to Israel’s finest musicians. This exposure had a tremendous influence on his development as both a performer and a composer. Bershadsky merges his scholarly musical skills within a style of innovative diversity. This eclectic mix of muse ranges from jazz all the way through to electronic.

In 2011, Alex released his second CD, Anonymous. This eight track CD was the follow-up to his successful debut release of Junk in 2007. Within Anonymous, Alex feels he was able to get closer to the innovative styles and artistic goals he had for his music. Bershadsky teamed up with other musical gurus, as well as top-notch studios and producers to embark on this latest project. He has spent his life developing his musical roots. However, now his craft has flourished into a bountiful harvest. His current album is making him anything but “Anonymous.”

Anonymous was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ian Freitor – who also produced his debut CD Junk. The sessions were recorded at both Ian Freitor’s The Playground Studios in New York and at the esteemed Bennet Studios in Englewood, New Jersey. Anonymous also includes Ian Freitor on keyboards, Eugene Maslov on piano, and Shlomi Cohen on Saxophone. Drummer and Percussionist Eran Asias performs on most of the album, however, is also joined by Gal Gershovsky on drums on two tracks. Additionally, Justin Mullens joins the album with the golden sound of brass – on trumpet.

Bershadsky explains, “I chose Anonymous as an album title because it is associated with things that people do without getting credit for. I also like the mystery it creates!” Instead, Anonymous is doing just the opposite for him and the pros behind the project. A deluge of outstanding reviews poured in from well-known and respected musical journals, just a few are listed below.

“The first single from the album, ‘Ma’oz Tzur’, is a tour de force, combining lyrical and melodic flourishing harmonics and high-register chordal playing, overdubbed with a charging fretless solo.”- Nick Wells, Editor, Bass Guitar Magazine
“Alex Bershdsky is sure to secure himself a slot in the minds of bass lovers and players everywhere…”- Damian Erskine, Bass Musician Magazine
“The Israeli fretless jazz/fusion bass wizard…”- Bryan Beller, Bass Player Magazine

Alex’s released his debut CD, Junk in 2007. It was a collection of musical treasures. Junk was also produced by Ian Freitor at The PlayGround studio in New York. Bershadsky’s initial offering contained a blend of jazz, electronic styles including funk, r&b, as well as new age. The international attention that began with Junk was only the beginning for Alex!

Alex has spent over twenty-five years playing bass, composing and educating musicians. He is among Israel’s most accomplished musicians. As a teenager, he had the opportunity to perform alongside the best talent in both radio and television. Alex successfully formed two bands in the 1990s. One of these was the jazz fusion band RTZ – with whom he formed with well-known UK jazz drummer, Asaf Sirkis and Guitarist Amir Perelman . The band released two albums and toured Europe. Zonzee released two albums, Time Flies, in 1999, which received much acclaim in the press. In 2005, the band released Buzz, which featured legendary guitarist, Mike Stern.
Alex has also performed at prestigious events such as The Red Sea Jazz Festival and Rigas Ritmi Jazz Festival – this was the largest annual rhythmic music festival in the Baltic region. Alex wrote most of the music for both bands, demonstrating his skill in musical composition. It was just a matter of time before Alex would cross the Atlantic as a representative for Israel via their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also performed in the United States in such world famous Jazz venues such as the legendary Blue Note in New York City.
Alex had the opportunity to record sessions at Steve Vai’s Mother Ship Studio with well-known Argentinean guitarist Carina Alfie and top producer Neil Citron While in Los Angeles. Alex has also worked as a session player at some of the top recording studios from New York to Los Angeles. Bershadsky has been endorsed by Zon Guitars for the last five years. „I give a lot of credit to Joe Zon and Zon guitars for helping my career reach this point,“ explains Bershadsky. Alex had the privilege of playing bass clinics in the United Kingdom with bass player Michael Manring – as well as representing Zon Guitars at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles.
With Bershadky’s diverse styles of music, listeners have a rare opportunity to experience a true master musician! His newest CD Anonymous has already gathered success, as well as his debut CD Junk. It is with irony that Anonymous may bring Alex worldwide attention for his skills. Alex Bershadsky’s music career certainly looks bright! With pure talent, determination, musical skills and free-flowing creativity – there is no stopping Bershadsky.
Bershadsky is a one of Israels top musicians, educators and composers. However, he is also much more than that. An accomplished bass player – he uses the bass to create the poetry of the universal language – music. His gift is best described by Alex himself, when he says, “I think that the electric bass is a bridge between the rhythm and harmony. It’s the most significant instrument in the orchestration. It changes all the perspective of how we hear the music. There’s no other instrument can pull this trick off.” There are few other musicians that can pull off what Bershadsky has as well within his releases Junk and Anonymous. Alex’s music is rooted in academia – yet flourishes with boundless creativeness. It is a mix of muse that rises far beyond the “bass-ics.”